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Hara Hachi Bu Point: Try This Method to Tame Overeating

American portion sizes are notorious for being oversized, but bigger is not always better. That’s where finding your hara hachi bu point can help.

Eat Like You Live in a Blue Zone — You Might...

Blue Zone dieting is a way of eating that mimics the lifestyle of people within specific regions where life expectancy is much longer than the worldwide average...

2020 Diet Trends

From programs that work, to those you should avoid — here's a closer look at the food and diet trends to watch in 2020.

4 Food-Drug Interactions to Know About

Did you know there are foods that you should avoid eating while taking certain types of prescription medications? Here’s a look at four foods to watch out for...

Emotional Eating: Why We Do It and How to Stop

While you may not be able to avoid stress, boredom, or fatigue, you can better control how you react to these emotional eating triggers...

5 Hydrating Foods to Eat More of This Summer

Watermelon may be the most obvious, but it isn't the only food that can keep dehydration at bay this summer. Try incorporating these other water-packed foods into your meals to help you stay hydrated.

Raw Chicken – To Wash or Not to Wash?

A recent tweet from the CDC set the internet off with an uproarious response that you might not expect from a simple food safety recommendation...

4 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Gut

One way you can improve your digestive health is by encouraging the growth of good bacteria in the gut, which you can do by eating the right foods. Start by stocking up on these dietary staples...

The Healthiest Valentine’s Day Candy

While no candy is genuinely a healthy option, there are some that will do less damage in terms of how much sugar you’re eating versus how much nutritional value you’re getting this Valentine's Day...

5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Coffee

While you may not have been quick to embrace a dollop of butter in your coffee, you might find that these healthy boosts to your morning java are just what you need to start your day.

4 Root Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Winter

Get back to eating healthier this winter while getting a huge nutritional boost by eating these root veggies, all healthier alternatives to potatoes!

Practicing Mindfulness at the Thanksgiving Table

Nobody wants to have to say no to all their favorite dishes at the Thanksgiving table. So how can you manage the day without compromising all indulgence? The answer is through mindfulness.

Sick? Don’t Eat These Foods Until You Feel Better

Many comfort foods have the exact ingredients that you should avoid when you’re feeling ill—ones that will slow down your immune system and make you feel sick longer. Take a look at what not to eat when you’re feeling sick...

What You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is probably a trend you’ve overheard coworkers talking up around the office, and naturally you are left to wonder: Is it an effective weight loss method or just another unhealthy fad?

Foods that Will Crash Your Diet and Your Mood

You may already know that foods like fatty fish and whole grains can fuel the brain with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, but do you know which foods will have the opposite effect and sour your mood as a result?

What’s the deal with Nitrates and Nitrites?

Strike - you're out! From baseball games, to backyard cookouts—here's why you should put down the hot dog (and other cured or processed meats).

These are the Best (and Worst) Foods for Your Mental Wellbeing

Most of the energy you use daily is consumed by brain activity. So it makes sense that what you eat has a profound effect on the way your brain works—in fact, there is a direct connection between your diet and how you feel...

Avoid These Deceptively Unhealthy Foods

Trying to eat a little cleaner and trim unnecessary calories from your diet? Don’t derail your hard work by accidentally reaching for the wrong "healthy" foods...

The 12 Holiday Foods You Should Skip

With the holiday season in full swing, you may find carols in the air and unhealthy temptation all around. Here are a dozen holiday foods you should avoid...

8 Spooky Healthy Treats for Halloween

Halloween treats aren’t always healthy, but there are some easy ways to turn more wholesome ingredients into spooky treats that won’t weigh you down...