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Eat Better While You Reduce Food Waste

Wasted food is bad for the environment, your wallet, and even your health. In the United States, tons of food is wasted every year,...

Got Milk? You Might Not Need it for Strong Bones

Milk often gets the credit for being a boon to bone health, but it's not the only calcium-rich food choice you have to fend off osteoporosis and fractures.

Which Food Claims Do You Need to Take Seriously (and Which...

Identifying healthy foods is not as easy and simple as it may seem. Here are four terms to take seriously and three to ignore when you’re stocking up on groceries...

Get Your Indoor Garden Sprouting This Spring

Spring brings a great selection of fresh fruits and veggies to grocery stores, but you can cut out the middle man by growing your own edible plants right at home.

Which Foods Deliver the Highest Dose of Vitamin C?

Before you peel that orange, consider reaching for one of the following foods that all contain more vitamin C per serving than the bright citrus...

Exotic Fruits and Veggies that Will Rule the Health Food Scene...

Move over kale. Check out these four exotic health foods that may be just what your diet needs moving into the New Year.

Rethink That Post-Thanksgiving Detox

Planning a juice cleanse? Think again! Here's how detoxing can potentially harm you, along with some healthier alternatives to switching to a liquid diet...

Don’t Let Food Safety Mishaps Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Make food safety a priority this Thanksgiving so no one leaves with more than a full belly and leftovers at the end of the evening.

How to Make Yourself a Healthier Thanksgiving Plate

Whether you are following a specific diet or simply trying not to gain weight during the holiday season, keep your plate on the slimmer side with these tips...

Healthy Fall Produce to Add to Your Grocery List

Cold weather doesn't mean you'll have to go without fresh produce this fall. Here’s some of the best seasonal produce to add to your grocery list.

What to Do About Your Picky Eater

Familiar with the struggle of trying to feed a picky eater? Try out these strategies to create more peaceful mealtimes that build up healthier habits.

Barbecue Basics: How to Tell When Your Food Is Cooked

With summer in full swing and Labor Day just around the corner, you probably have at least one backyard barbecue on your schedule. Whether...

Farmers’ Market Grocery Guide

When it comes to grocery shopping, many consumers’ habits are changing, which is why farmers’ markets have seen a recent revival all around the...

Eat for Your Body, Not Someone Else’s

What’s good for you and what’s not? Our tips can guide you toward the right diet for your body, rather than generic nutritional guidelines that don’t work.

Trick Your Taste Buds and Eat Healthier

What if you could trick yourself into craving healthier food options? Hack your taste buds to eat better with these tips that can alter how you taste food.

Is Sushi Really That Good For You?

The next time you reach for your chopsticks - strategize with these simple tips to make sure your sushi dining experience is as healthy as possible.

Easy Ways to Give Your Diet a Healthy Makeover

While exercise is helpful for losing weight, you won’t see real results without also making changes to your diet. Try these easy habits for better eating...

Healthy Food Trends for 2016

It may be early in the year – but 2016 already has a number of healthy dieting trends that could actually make a big difference in the way you eat...

5 Immune-Boosting Foods

Fortify your immune system this cold and flu season with these five nutrient-rich foods that are easy to incorporate into your diet.

Is it Time to Breakup with Bacon?

The WHO recently classified processed meat as a carcinogen - meaning there is a strong link between eating meats like bacon and getting cancer.