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Telemedicine in Flight

No matter where you are, a doctor can be at your fingertips - even if you happen to be 40,000 feet in the air!

Telemedicine Knows No Borders

Telemedicine is expected to grow tremendously in the global market, but how are those trends being reflected in our neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada?

Telemedicine Trends Globally

Globally the telemedicine market is expected to reach a value of $27 billion in 2016 with an annual growth rate of 18.5%. Countries factoring into that growth include...

Telemedicine Answers the Refugee Call for Help

Telemedicine helps overcome geographic and resource barriers to allow refugees access to quality healthcare they otherwise would not be able to receive.

Telemedicine Goes to War: How Doctors in the U.S. are...

In countries like Syria, where unrest has plagued the nation for over 4 years now and disrupted the healthcare system, telemedicine is saving lives.

Saving the World While Seated

Many providers go into medicine to "make the world a better place," but can lose sight along the way. Telemedicine gives doctors the ability to get back on track.