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Telehealth and Self-Insurance: A Match Made in Heaven

With the ongoing rise in health insurance costs – not to mention the uncertainty about America’s healthcare industry – many companies are shifting to self-insurance. A self-funded health plan can save considerable money each year, especially for businesses that provide access to cost-effective options like telehealth.

Find the Right Health Insurance Plan During Open Enrollment

It's not too early to consider your health insurance options for 2017. Pick the right plan, while keeping your insurance affordable, with these tips...

Rising Premiums May Catalyze Telemedicine Utilization

The fourth open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act has arrived; with it comes a sharp increase in premiums for those with marketplace coverage.

Accepting Telemedicine Without Exception

An increasing number of private insurers are paying for telemedicine, a trend gaining traction which experts say will boost utilization of the service.

Open Enrollment

One of the insurance companies set to be part of Arizona's 2015 Marketplace, Meritus, will offer expanded network choices, including telemedicine.

Telemedicine and its Impact in the Health Insurer World: What Experts...

Healthcare experts at MeMD discuss the shift to consumer-driven health plans and how the growing field of telemedicine offers healthcare insurers the opportunity to integrate on-demand access to quality care into their health plans.