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Are Online Symptom Checkers Accurate? Study Says No.

Symptom checker websites may be a quick and easy alternative to scheduling a doctor's appointment, but there's a much better way to get a diagnosis online.

9 Time-Saving Modern Health Hacks [Infographic]

From feeling better faster with online doctor visits to knowing the perfect time to drink your coffee, check out these nine time-saving health hacks you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

6 Fashion Choices That Might Destroy Your Health

Some common fashion trends may do harm to your health by restricting blood flow, putting pressure on your joints, or simply compressing your vital organs.

How Your Commute is Killing You

Nobody likes traffic, but a long commuting may actually be negatively impacting your health. Here's how, and here's what you can do...

How Does Your Birth Month Influence Your Health?

When it comes to your health, being born during a certain time of year can dramatically increase your likelihood of having certain medical conditions and diseases.

Playing Video Games and its Impact on Your Health

Playing video games can be a healthy hobby for both children and adults if you understand which games to play and when to play them.

Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Health Every Day

Here’s a look at some surprising and seemingly backwards ways to boost your health without much effort.

Nurturing Your Heart Health this Valentine’s Day

While decadent dinners and oversized boxes of candy may have some appeal, you might think about some healthier ways to show your love this year.

Heart-Healthy Foods to Fall in Love With

When picturing a heart-healthy diet you may have plain foods in mind, but there are actually many flavorful foods that can go a long way for your heart health.

Quiz: Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Heart disease claims the lives of one in three women. That’s about one death each minute. Take this simple quiz for women to find out your risk.

What to Watch For in Wearable Technology

Beyond watches, there are several new devices that allow for remote monitoring of patients, which can help doctors adjust treatment regimens as needed.

Does Your Personality Influence Your Health?

Are you friendly or hostile, stubborn or social? Your personality actually has a strong impact on your health and plays an important role in your well-being.

Healthy Eating Resolutions for the New Year

Healthy eating doesn't have to leave you feeling deprived. Small changes can make a big difference and help you achieve your better eating resolutions.

Think Before You Drink: Why Milk Might Not Be the Best...

After years of pouring the stuff over your breakfast cereal, the bone-building benefits that milk has claimed may not actually be all that accurate.

10 Preposterous Reasons for Calling in Sick to Work

At some point in your life you've probably phoned in sick, but your reason for not showing up probably didn’t involve a ghost keeping you up all night...

Is Your Office Environment Harming Your Health?

This job is killing me! Ever said this after a long workday? Turns out the statement might not be far off. Office life can have many ill effects on your health.

Embrace the Digital Age with these 5 Mobile Healthcare Tools

Stay on track with your health and fitness goals by embracing technology as part of your health routine. Here are some of the most highly rated apps to help you achieve your wellness goals.

How to Make Healthy Choices in the Cafeteria

With a few simple changes, you can make your work or school day much healthier. Better nutrition begins with small steps, so start using these easy tips!

Back-to-School Health Alert: Keeping Your Child Protected from Common Illnesses

Every year kids go back to school and almost immediately need to take sick days after catching a cold or stomach flu. Keep your little one healthy with these tactics.

The Fitness App Battle Begins with Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit

Get your phones ready - the development of health programs by both Apple and Google will soon give people the ability to track and improve their health.