The week of March 11 is Salt Awareness Week, and it may have you thinking about the amount of sodium that you consume each day. If your diet is heavy in pre-packaged and processed foods, you may be eating over 1,000 milligrams more salt than you should be each day. Do you know how much […]
Cold and flu season is here, so you might get your home ready with some simple cold remedies that can relieve your symptoms and get you on the road to rapid recovery. Over-the-counter medication can provide some relief, but many people prefer holistic healing strategies to clear congestion and ease a sore throat. Here are […]
Cookies are a heartwarming treat for the holiday season, but they can lead to seasonal weight gain if you overindulge. If you have a serious sweet tooth, you can still satisfy your cookie cravings without the guilt. Just use these tips for preparing healthier cookies. Substitute Part or All of The Butter Butter adds a […]