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How Employers Can Leverage Telehealth Beyond Urgent Care

Post-pandemic telehealth has expanded its scope dramatically and proven its value and efficacy across the healthcare continuum–well beyond urgent care.

How Virtual Primary Care Cuts Healthcare Costs

Virtual primary care is telehealth’s next, most important evolution. It cuts healthcare costs, boosts productivity, supports retention and connects employees with important health services.

Az Business Calls on MeMD to Share Benefits of Telehealth for...

Az Business tapped MeMD’s VP of Marketing, Elie Goodman, to break down the benefits of telehealth for workforces with multi-generations...

Five Real-Life Scenarios Where Telehealth Wins the Day

You can hardly find a news article or advertisement about telehealth that doesn’t tout its benefits: It saves money! It’s quick! It’s convenient! Patients prefer it...

New Calculator Helps Employers Quantify Cost of Untreated Mental Health Issues

A new online calculator from MeMD gives business owners an idea of the cost of mental health issues – at the micro level – along with a solution for improving employees’ mental and emotional health.

How Brokers Can Help Groups Cut Healthcare Costs, Increase Satisfaction...

Brokers cited the cost of healthcare as their biggest challenge in 2019, and reported that their clients rely on them to contain these expenses. Telehealth can help them achieve success.

Telehealth Presents Opportunities to Dramatically Cut U.S. Healthcare Spending

The United States spends twice as much per person on healthcare than other high-income countries, yet the quality of care isn’t any better. Telehealth could help cut costs dramatically while also improving patient outcomes...

Five Trickle-Down Effects of a Smart Telehealth Program

The high cost of healthcare is putting a dent in business’ profitability and employees’ discretionary income – and all signs indicate that spending will continue to grow. Telehealth, too, is experiencing explosive growth, but this growth saves people money and boosts the bottom line...

Benefits Roadmap: Why Your Clients Need Telebehavioral Health

Most business owners are keenly aware of the importance of mental health in the workplace. Even if they can’t put a dollar value on...

Study Reveals Employee Health Issues Cost Employers More Than $500 Billion...

A new study by the Integrated Benefits Institute revealed that unhealthy employees are costing businesses 1.4 billion days of missed work and $530 billion in lost productivity each year.

Cost-Savings of Telemedicine [Infographic]

Discover the cost-benefit of using tele-emergency to avoid patient transfers from rural hospitals in our latest infographic...

Feel Better this Holiday/Flu Season

Cold symptoms are common this time of year, and can keep us - and our wallets - from enjoying the holidays. Luckily, telehealth services may offer a cure.

Rising Premiums May Catalyze Telemedicine Utilization

The fourth open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act has arrived; with it comes a sharp increase in premiums for those with marketplace coverage.

Creative Ways to Spend Your FSA Money

Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) are a great way to curb the impact of healthcare expenses while saving money in a tax-free account. However, having...

Reducing Readmission, Length of Stay & Cost of Care

Telemedicine is one solution that can assist this effort, and virtual consultations are a tool that can be used to prevent readmission rates and reduce costs.

Out of Pocket – Out of Control: How to Manage...

Americans have greater access to healthcare than ever before, but also greater costs. Follow these tips to get the most from your health care dollars.

4 Trends Sure To Impact Your Business Next Year

Want to know the industry’s hottest business trends for 2015? They may surprise you. Get ready for crowd-funding projects and dialing up doctors.

Healthcare Costs [Infographic]

This infographic shows the different options available for patients and providers when choosing how to obtain and deliver medical care as well as the costs associated with different types of medical care.
The Pulse of Telehealth

Increase Your Treatment Radius with E-Healthcare

Telemedicine offers a solution for people with commuting or time-constraint dilemmas; medical providers can virtually reach these remote patients at their homes.