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Why How You Lose Weight Matters

Making an active effort to curb holiday weight gain before it becomes a problem? Discover the steps you should be taking toward healthy weight loss...

Tech Savvy Last Minute Holiday Health Tips

The days before Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter holidays can be some of the most stressful. Keep yourself healthy and sane with these tech-driven tips.

Feel Better this Holiday/Flu Season

Cold symptoms are common this time of year, and can keep us - and our wallets - from enjoying the holidays. Luckily, telehealth services may offer a cure.

Rethink That Post-Thanksgiving Detox

Planning a juice cleanse? Think again! Here's how detoxing can potentially harm you, along with some healthier alternatives to switching to a liquid diet...

Survival Tips for Holiday Eating

If holiday weight gain is a common pattern in your life, it may be time to change your strategy for holiday eating before it impacts your waistline.

Could Your Holiday Blues Be Seasonal Depression?

If you are feeling extra stress, anxiety, sadness, or guilt through the holidays, you might consider why you are feeling this way and look seek help.

Cut the Calories in Your Favorite Holiday Drinks

Holiday drinks can be sneaky source of weight gain - here are a few tips for reducing excess calories while you still enjoy the best flavors of the season...

5 Big Holiday Health Myths Exposed

If you are being fooled by these common holiday health myths, you may be faced with even more hurdles managing your health this season.

How to Have a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that holidays are high-stress events—especially for the family members who host Thanksgiving dinner. Stay calm this year with these tips!

Staying Safe During Your 4th of July Celebration

Whether you are hosting a party at home or taking your celebration on the road, here are some key safety tips to keep in mind this Independence Day.
4 Holiday Healthy Travel Tips

4 Travel Tips for Happy Healthy Holidays

Many people experience stress during holiday trips, and their health may suffer as a result of over-eating and lack of sleep or exercise. To enjoy your holidays and maintain your health, here are our top four winter travel tips
Health Brief: Managing Holiday Stress

Health Brief: Managing Holiday Stress

Your schedule may be busy, you can still keep your cool and eliminate worry from your holiday season by following a few stress-fighting strategies
Avoid These Holiday Fitness Destroyers

Avoid These Holiday Fitness Destroyers

Don’t be a victim of holiday weight gain this year! Identify the specific triggers that slow down your workout routine and cause you to overindulge.