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6 Mental Health Tips for Busting Holiday Stress

While there are many different triggers that can impact our holiday experiences, you have the ability to minimize their impact with these strategies.

Meet MeMD: Monique Snelson

Meet Monique Snelson, one of MeMD's Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and get her tips to stay stress free during the busy holiday season...

Self-Care Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

Follow these five self-care tips to get through the holiday season with your physical health and, perhaps more importantly, your mental health intact.

The 12 Holiday Foods You Should Skip

With the holiday season in full swing, you may find carols in the air and unhealthy temptation all around. Here are a dozen holiday foods you should avoid...

What to Do When Your Stress Is Next Level

Here's how you can find healthier alternatives to negative coping mechanisms so you’re better equipped to face daily challenges and avoid stress-induced anxiety and depression...