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What Doctors Want Businesses to Know About Telehealth

Telehealth fosters a symbiotic relationship between employers and healthcare providers. Here’s what doctors want businesses to know about virtual care...

Telemedicine to help with 24-hour operations at rural hospitals

Hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent cares in rural areas are finding it more difficult to maintain 24 hour operations, so are turning to telehealth.

Evaluating Telemedicine

From simple evaluations of lower acuity ailments like the flu – to life-threatening ailments like strokes – telemedicine is changing the healthcare system.

Telehealth Use Increases for Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospitals and health systems have found several ways to treat patients using various methods of communication - all which rely on technology interaction.

Telehealth Use in Hospitals [Infographic]

Many hospitals use telehealth in their everyday operations. Telehealth makes it easier for providers to communicate with each other and with their patients - see how with this infographic.