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Tips for Avoiding Ankle Injuries

It’s essential to use an abundance of caution with any ankle injury and follow a few practices to prevent injuries in the first place.

Falling for Fall – Tips to Prevent Fall-Related Injuries at Home

Fall is arriving, which means it’s time to open our hearts to pumpkin spice lattes and pull our favorite sweaters out of the closet....

How to Avoid Brain Injury Associated With Concussions

How do you know if you've suffered a concussion? Learn to quickly recognize the signs and symptoms - and what you should do in the instance you're concussed.

4 Surprising Thanksgiving Injuries You Might Suffer

Thanksgiving has one of the highest holiday injury rates, and the problem is usually worsened because many people neglect to head to the ER or urgent care.

Telehealth Robot Improves Care for Athletes

Dartmouth’s telemedicine robot delivers real-time clinical support for injured players within minutes of their injury.

How to Get Back on Your Feet After a Sports Injury

If you sustain a sports injury of any kind, you will want to follow these steps to get back on your feet without immediately suffering a secondary injury.