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MeMD Discusses Benefits of Mandating Telemedicine Coverage with Phoenix Business Journal

The Phoenix Business Journal talked with numerous industry insiders and local business leaders, including MeMD CEO Dr. John Shufeldt, to determine where businesses are focusing their efforts, and the changes they are hoping to achieve...

South Carolina Expands Telehealth Laws to Include Physician Assistants, Advanced Practice...

As telehealth continues to grow in popularity, state governments are taking notice. South Carolina is one of many states that has expanded state telehealth laws over the past three years, allowing doctor-patient relationships to be established virtually...

New Arkansas Law Helps Residents Maximize Convenience of Telemedicine Services

The state of Arkansas just took a giant leap forward in enabling residents to take full advantage of telemedicine and virtual care by passing new legislation effective January 1, 2018...

Yee-Haw! Some major updates are coming to Texas Telemedicine Laws

Texas has notoriously been one of the stricter states in terms of telemedicine, but a new law, SB 1107, outlines guidelines for how telemedicine can operate in the state.

Telehealth Legislative Update: HEART Act

The Helping Expand Access to Rural Telehealth (HEART) Act aims to improve access to telehealth services in rural areas by expanding Medicare programs.

Telehealth Legislative Update: CHRONIC Care Act of 2017

The newly reintroduced CHRONIC Care Act of 2017 seeks to establish federal standards for telemedicine reimbursement and expand chronic care services...

New Year, New Arkansas (state laws)

The New Year seems to have Arkansas state legislatures re-thinking their restricting telemedicine laws. Arkansas Act 203 makes telemedicine more accessible to patients...

Telemedicine at the Forefront of Health Care Delivery

Legislative directives such as the ECHO and Cures Acts signify the commencement of a new chapter for telemedicine in the delivery of health care.

ECHO Act Paves the Way for Telemedicine

A new milestone was reached today as the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the first standalone telemedicine bill ever to receive a recorded vote on the floor.


A group of six bipartisan senators introduced a bill called the CONNECT Act that attempts to make it easier for Medicare providers to utilize telemedicine.

Telemedicine’s Big Break

Medicine has entered a new age and the world is noticing - even the political world. Telemedicine received its first mention from a presidential hopeful.

Telehealth Advocates Push for Expansion of Services

To cope with the increasing number of “e-visits,” several legislative efforts have pushed to amend the laws and regulations that surround telehealth.
The Pulse of Telehealth

Telehealth Modernization Act of 2013 – What You Need to Know

In December 2013, the House Energy and Commerce Committee drafted the Telehealth Modernization Act, a piece of legislation aiming to unify state telehealth laws.