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Meet MeMD: Monique Snelson

Meet Monique Snelson, one of MeMD's Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and get her tips to stay stress free during the busy holiday season...

Self-Care Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

Follow these five self-care tips to get through the holiday season with your physical health and, perhaps more importantly, your mental health intact.

Reduce the Stigma of Talk Therapy to Maximize Productivity

The stigma of mental health treatment runs deep. Employers should be leading the charge in breaking it, as it keeps employees from being their best, both at home and at work. As it has long been proven, simply offering mental health benefits isn’t enough...

Meet MeMD: Madeline Patalano

This Mental Health Awareness week we're highlighting one of our licensed professional counselors, Madeline Patalano. Read on to hear more about how she became involved in telehealth, the topics she is most passionate about, and some common signs of depression to look out for...

Finding the Right Mental Health Professional for Your Needs

There are many reasons you may decide it’s time to see a mental health specialist, but how do you find the right fit? You’ll want to put in the time and effort to find the mental healthcare provider who’s a match for your personality and lifestyle by taking the following essential steps...

Can Seasonal Allergies Be a Predictor of Mental Illness?

Birds are singing and flowers are blooming — however springtime and its associated allergies may have an interesting consequence, according to a new study allergies and mental health may in fact be related.

Why Employers are Incorporating Telebehavioral Health into Broader Benefits Packages

As the nationwide focus on mental health continues to grow, businesses are taking notice and incorporating telebehavioral health solutions into their existing health benefits packages. While telehealth provides important benefits to employees, the service is advantageous for businesses for a number of reasons...

Filling the Gap Between EAPs and Behavioral Health Benefits

While EAPs are not designed to serve as a stand-alone option for mental health services, these plans play a role in a company’s overall emphasis on employee wellness in the workplace. If you’re looking to purchase an EAP – or are interested in providing behavioral health services for your staff –consider the following...

These are the Best (and Worst) Foods for Your Mental Wellbeing

Most of the energy you use daily is consumed by brain activity. So it makes sense that what you eat has a profound effect on the way your brain works—in fact, there is a direct connection between your diet and how you feel...

Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Although millions of Americans suffer from mental illnesses, there is still a lack of public knowledge about mental health and limited access to resources for those who need help. Fortunately May is Mental Health Month, so it’s the perfect time to break misunderstandings, cure stigma, and focus on wellbeing...

What Are Mental Health Breaks, and Why Should You Be Taking...

Feel like you're working yourself thin? It’s time to introduce yourself to the mental health break—a time to check out from your normal obligations and just unwind...

Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Mental Health Treatment —...

But can schools keep up? Many students are left without the resources they need to seek help and a common consequence is students simply dropping out...

Telemedicine Services for Those Who Serve

Recently the U.S. Department of Defense issued a memorandum that effectively changed the Military Health System (MHS) policy on telemedicine.

Telemedicine – A New Approach to Prison Health Care

In an effort to mitigate the rising costs of detaining individuals within state-run correctional facilities, many states have begun turning to telemedicine.

5 Everyday Habits that Are Bad for Your Mental Health

Have you been chanting ‘new year, new you” to since the first? It’s a great time to take advantage of the year’s clean slate and focus on your mental health.

Is It Possible to Increase Your Intelligence?

People tend to think of intelligence as a static trait; you get what you are born with and you can’t do much to expand on it. However, there are indications that intelligence may be more fluid than people expect.

Improving Mental Health Access in Rural Settings

Patients in remote and rural areas with little to no access to mental health services can benefit from telemedicine services that make providers and care more accessible.

What Does It Take to Manage Your Mental Health?

Strategies that anyone might use to promote better mental health or seek care when the signs of conditions like depression or anxiety disorder arise.

Why Do We Get the Best Ideas in the Shower?

Your shampoo brand would probably love to take credit for bottling genius, but shower ‘ah-hah’ moments have more to do with the perfect haven created than the suds on your scalp.
Is Your Brain Getting Enough Exercise?

Is Your Brain Getting Enough Exercise?

There are a wide variety of brain exercises you can do regularly to keep your mind sharp and focused, use these four tips to keep your brain healthy.