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When Do Bug Bites Need Medical Attention?

Whether it comes from a mosquito, a bee, a tick, or a wasp - Here's how to tell if your bug bite or sting needs more than some hydrocortisone cream to heal...

Smart Measures for Mosquito Control

While the threat of insect-transmitted diseases like Zika can be scary, there are smart steps you can take to minimizing mosquito breeding, as well as risk.

The Zika Virus: 4 Things You Need to Know

The challenges from mosquito-borne illnesses seem never-ending. Amid rising fears of the Zika virus, concerned public-health officials in Latin American and Caribbean countries have...

No Pain – All Gain: New Needles Could Make Shots Painless

No pain - all gain. Visiting your doctor may soon become less painful as a variety of new "painless" syringes are currently being designed and developed.

Why Do Mosquitos Always Bite Me?

Was it something you ate? The colors you’ve chosen to wear? Your blood type? Researchers seem to have finally found the answer as to why mosquitos pick you.

Mosquitoes: Summer Pest or Predator?

While many people fear animals like sharks and bears, the most fatal animal on earth is actually this tiny insect. Malaria, carried by mosquitoes, kills ...