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Fox News Taps MeMD to Educate Americans About Telehealth Benefits in...

Dr. Lorenzo explains telehealth advantages and highlights at-home testing kits that MeMD will be offering to consumers who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

MeMD Launches Telepsychiatry, Teen Therapy Solutions to Fill Gaps in Healthcare...

Adding to its extensive telehealth offerings, MeMD has launched telepsychiatry for adults and teletherapy for teens to meet a growing need for mental healthcare services.

MeMD Shares Benefits of Teletherapy for Combatting Employee Burnout with Az...

Az Business tapped MeMD Clinical Director Chad Snyder to discuss how teletherapy helps combat the burnout epidemic in an article for the magazine’s fall issue.

MeMD Featured Among Innovative Telehealth Solutions in Wall Street Journal

In an op-ed, Wall Street Journal Columnist Andy Kessler highlighted MeMD among the nation’s fastest-moving telemedicine providers in the Wall Street Journal.