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Which Food Claims Do You Need to Take Seriously (and Which...

Identifying healthy foods is not as easy and simple as it may seem. Here are four terms to take seriously and three to ignore when you’re stocking up on groceries...

Rethinking What You Know About Malnutrition

While obesity is a serious epidemic among Americans, it may come as a surprise that in the era of excess weight gain, many adults are actually malnourished.

Eat for Your Body, Not Someone Else’s

What’s good for you and what’s not? Our tips can guide you toward the right diet for your body, rather than generic nutritional guidelines that don’t work.

Where Is Salt Hiding in Your Diet?

Salt is a necessary nutrient in our diets, but too much salt can lead to a wealth of problems. Here’s a closer look at where salt is hiding out in your diet...

Enriching Your Diet with Culinary Power Couples

You've heard two heads are better than one, turns out this phrase can extend to the foods you eat. Boost your nutrition by pairing these food items together.

6 of the Most Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables You Should be...

Your mom always told you to eat your veggies, but she may not have specified which ones. Via the CDC, here are the most nutritious fruits and vegetables you should have on your plate.

Could You Live Without Sugar?

A family of four has been making headlines after a year-long challenge to give up sugar in their diet. But is this serious shift in eating habits necessary?

Funny Foods with Serious Health Benefits

Your first instinct may be to run away from these odd-looking items, but these funny foods aren't messing around when it comes to health and nutrition...