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Is It Still Safe to Exercise Outdoors During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

The good news is that currently, it’s still generally safe to exercise outdoors. However, you might need to take some extra precautions while doing so...

Don’t Let Poisonous Plants Ruin Your Summer

The first step in protecting yourself and your family from poison oak, poison ivy, and sumac is knowing where to find these plants and what they look like...

12 Sneaky Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors

Trick yourself into spending more time outside with these tips designed to motivate you to go outside and get moving at a moment's notice...

Embrace the Summer Season with Paddle Sports

Kayaking, canoeing, or standing paddle board. You can beat the summer heat and have some fun with these sports, while also getting in a great workout.

Smart Measures for Mosquito Control

While the threat of insect-transmitted diseases like Zika can be scary, there are smart steps you can take to minimizing mosquito breeding, as well as risk.

Street Safe Tips for Fall Fitness

Stats show a pedestrian dies in a traffic crash every 2 hours. Avoid injuries on the road by keeping these safety tips in mind when working out outside.

Backyard Workouts for the Whole Family

Ditch your gym membership for the summer and take advantage of the great weather with backyard workouts that will help your whole family work up a sweat.

Backyard Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Summer is finally here! If you are planning to enjoy the backyard and pool area, keep these safety tips in mind for yourself and your kids.
Spring training workouts

Spring Training

Dust off your sneakers and bring your workout back into the great outdoors. If you are sick of gym equipment and indoor aerobic classes then...
Backyard Summer Fun & Safety

Backyard Summer Fun & Safety

Planning on doing some grilling by the pool this summer? Read on for tips to keep all the swimmers and grillers in your family...