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Telemedicine + Pediatrics, The New Kid On the Block

The American Academy of Pediatrics voiced its support for a study which concluded that telehealth is equally effective as in-person care for pediatric cases.

Tele-Rounding in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Gather ‘round the NICU robot. In a recent study a robo-doc allowed a remotely located neonatologist to care for neonates with on-site staff and parents.

Telehealth Connecting Pediatric Behavioral Health Specialists

Efforts to treat pediatric and adolescent patients for behavioral health conditions are being strengthened through peer-to-peer telemedicine programs.

School-Based Telehealth Keeps Kids in Class

Technology continues to shape the way children learn and communicate; now, it can also be used to keep them healthy.
The Pulse of Telehealth

Pediatric Applications in Telehealth [Infographic]

Telehealth has many applications in different healthcare settings. One of the most recent developments surrounds the field of pediatrics. Parents spend a large chunk...