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Here’s What Should Be in Your Medicine Cabinet in Case of...

Here’s a look at what you should keep on hand in your medicine cabinet to stay ready for future emergencies or natural disasters.

4 Food-Drug Interactions to Know About

Did you know there are foods that you should avoid eating while taking certain types of prescription medications? Here’s a look at four foods to watch out for...

What’s the Best Time of Day to Take These 8 Daily...

When it comes to your medications, timing is everything, but it’s something that many patients overlook. Do you know which drugs are best taken in the morning, versus right before bed?

4 Things You Should Know About Prescription Drug Safety

Prescription drugs are a serious business. So no matter what type of medication you’ve been prescribed, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using it safely, which means following these four essential guidelines...

More Consumers Drawn to Telehealth

Two recently published studies conducted by Harris Poll assess American adults' perceptions of telehealth and telemedicine heading into 2017.

Mixing Medications Is Not What the Doctor Ordered

It's common to take five or more medications on a daily basis. Here's what you should know when it comes to safely combining meds and avoiding side effects.

Are You Storing Your Medicine in the Wrong Place?

Storing medications correctly is vital in ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Turns out one of the worst places you can keep pills is actually in the medicine cabinet!

Lifestyle Medications and Telemedicine [Infographic]

Is it ever appropriate to prescribe lifestyle medications via telemedicine? Check out this infographic that illustrates what can be prescribed via telemedicine.

Do You Know What to Do with Expired Prescriptions?

Similar to dead batteries and burned out light bulbs, you know these prescriptions aren’t usable anymore, but you know you also can’t just throw them away.