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What’s Wrong with Your Current Virtual Primary Care Program?

From intelligent referrals to allowing patients to choose their own doctor, learn what makes our end-to-end virtual primary care program stand out from the rest.

Do You Need to Have a Primary Care Doctor?

If you’ve made a habit of only seeking medical care when you’re ill or injured, you may not realize the complete benefits of having a dedicated care provider.

How Employers Can Leverage Telehealth Beyond Urgent Care

Post-pandemic telehealth has expanded its scope dramatically and proven its value and efficacy across the healthcare continuum–well beyond urgent care.

5 Questions to Help Businesses Choose the Right Virtual Primary Care...

Virtual primary care is the next big thing in the benefits worlds. Choosing the right telehealth partner is key. Let these questions guide your decision...

Virtual Primary Care a Must-Do for Millennial Workforces

Millennials bring vastly different expectations to the workplace. When it comes to healthcare, the generation of on-demand everything prioritizes speed and convenience over routine visits with a PCP.

What’s Ahead in Telehealth in 2021

Telehealth has become an essential part of the healthcare system – and the best is yet to come. Here are the top six ways telehealth will shape U.S. healthcare in 2021.

The Evolution of Primary Care in a COVID-19 World

It’s clear the U.S. is on board with virtual care as it is quickly becoming “the new normal.” One obvious extension of telehealth is the PCP setting...

Building a Bridge between Telehealth and Primary Care

Most telehealth companies offer some type of solution for bridging virtual and primary care, but the best telehealth providers take it step further. Here's how to tell if your telehealth provider fits the bill...

More Consumers Drawn to Telehealth

Two recently published studies conducted by Harris Poll assess American adults' perceptions of telehealth and telemedicine heading into 2017.


Treatment in urgent care centers and primary care clinics may be less costly than in emergency departments, but telemedicine can prove more convenient.

The Appeal of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been used since the late 1960’s, but has gained more mainstream appeal amongst patients and providers within the last 5 years.