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Telemedicine: A Vital Solution

Telemonitoring can be used in the home, at the scene of a medical emergency, in transit via ambulance, and in the hospital setting to measure patient vitals.

Houston, We Have A Problem; Telemedicine Answers the Call

Space travel has given us a number of cool innovations - from memory foam to water filters. But did you know NASA has been using telemedicine since the 50's?

What to Watch For in Wearable Technology

Beyond watches, there are several new devices that allow for remote monitoring of patients, which can help doctors adjust treatment regimens as needed.

4 Novel Uses for Telemedicine in Specialty Areas

Telehealth is widely used for urgent care-type medical ailments, however specialties are beginning to introduce different versions to serve their patients.

Veterans Affairs Continue to Experience Positive Telemedicine Outcomes

Telehealth programs are currently working as a solution for the VA for numerous reasons, and they continue to be an excellent advocate for its effectiveness.

U.S. Telehealth Programs Beginning to Combat Diabetes

State telemedicine programs are attempting to help reduce hospitalizations associated with diabetes and promote active and productive lifestyles.