You may be well aware of the risks of distracted driving, but did you know that pedestrians have a responsibility to ensure their safety on the road too? The percentage of pedestrian-related traffic fatalities rose significantly from 2002 to 2011 from 11-14%. While the total number of fatalities has dropped, more of them involve pedestrians […]
It’s no secret that a balanced diet with plenty of meals prepared at home will improve your family’s health. Yet without the right handling and storage techniques, even nutrient-packed super foods can be dangerous to your health. By using these helpful guidelines for food safety, you can feel confident that the food you put on […]
If you are concerned about your family’s health, you can start making small but significant changes throughout your home to maintain excellent immune health, avoid injuries, and prevent long-term problems for you and your loved ones. With a little knowledge about surprising health hazards that might be hiding in your home, you can start creating […]