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Sick? Don’t Eat These Foods Until You Feel Better

Many comfort foods have the exact ingredients that you should avoid when you’re feeling ill—ones that will slow down your immune system and make you feel sick longer. Take a look at what not to eat when you’re feeling sick...

4 Ways to Make Your Gym Visits Less Gross

While most Instagram accounts would have you believe that the gym is a haven for attractive people and sweat-free workouts, it’s actually a frightening place for your immune system if you’re not careful and cautious. Here’s how to make the gym more of your Instagram fantasy and less of a bacterial wasteland...

What Are Your Used Tissues Trying to Tell You?

You may snot think twice reaching for a tissue to blow your nose, but sneak a peek next time - the color of your mucus can say a lot about your health.

MeMD Brings the Doctor to You

19 Action News checked out MeMD using an iPad and discovered that heading to the doctor's office for your routine illness may not be necessary.

Why Do You Lose Your Appetite When You’re Sick?

Loss of appetite is a well-documented symptom of a number of illnesses and could leave you eating less while you are sick for a couple of reasons.

Can You Still Work Out When You Are Sick?

You may be able to safely burn some calories while you fight off your symptoms as long as you stick to the right workouts and avoid overexerting yourself.

10 Preposterous Reasons for Calling in Sick to Work

At some point in your life you've probably phoned in sick, but your reason for not showing up probably didn’t involve a ghost keeping you up all night...