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Why Do I Bruise So Easily?

If you seem to be developing bruises on your arms, legs, and other parts of your body from just a small bump, or seemingly out of nowhere—should you worry?

Face Masks & Skin Care: What You Should Know

The following tips can help you increase your comfort and better care for your skin as face masks continue to be an important part of daily life.

The Strange Reason You Get Itchy Legs When Working Out

Itchy legs? Itchy arms? If you’ve ever had to stop yourself mid-workout to address your itchy skin, you aren’t alone. Here's what's happening...

Meet MeMD: Melaina Blomenkamp

Meet Melaina Blomenkamp, one of MeMD's board-certified PAs who has been with us for over three years. Learn how she became involved with MeMD and her tips to treat poison ivy...

Don’t Let Poisonous Plants Ruin Your Summer

The first step in protecting yourself and your family from poison oak, poison ivy, and sumac is knowing where to find these plants and what they look like...

Are You Applying Sunscreen in This Critical Spot?

You probably know that sunscreen is your best defense against skin cancer when you’re spending time in the sun. Unfortunately most people tend to miss this critical area when applying SPF...

Meet MeMD: Elizabeth Hernandez

Meet Elizabeth Hernandez - one of MeMD’s board-certified NPs. Below she discusses how telemedicine has impacted her perspective as a provider and how to combat winter skin problems.

Do You Need to See a Doctor for a Sunburn?

All it takes is forgetting to wear sunscreen to wind up with a nasty burn. And when a sunburn becomes so painful, you might wonder if you need to see a doctor...

Understanding the Ingredients in Skincare Products

Take a closer look at some red flag ingredients to avoid as you shop for over-the-counter skincare products like sunscreens and anti-aging solutions.

Are Warts Contagious?

Warts are a common skin condition, which can range from an aesthetic annoyance to a painful disturbance - but can you "catch them" from someone else?

Post-Workout Skincare

Working out can leave skin feeling unpleasant. To combat the stress that exercise has on your skin, create a better post-workout skin routine with these tips.

5 Amazing Facts About Your Skin

When it comes to your skin you may be focused on cosmetic concerns, however skin can be a reflection of health. Take a look at these fascinating skin facts...

Why Does Our Skin Get Pruney in Water?

When you spend an extended period of time in the water—your fingers, toes, and feet get wrinkly and puckered. So why does this happen?

Quiz: What’s my skin cancer risk?

Take our quick quiz to assess your skin type and cancer risk, then read our analyses for some type-tailored sun safety advice.

Is Sunscreen Harmful to Your Health?

Common sunscreen myths busted! Make the most of your sunscreen use and feel completely safe under the sun this summer with this guide.

Why Do Mosquitos Always Bite Me?

Was it something you ate? The colors you’ve chosen to wear? Your blood type? Researchers seem to have finally found the answer as to why mosquitos pick you.

Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?

How is it that an organ with such amazing capabilities as the skin can let you feel so much pain when you sustain an injury as small as a paper cut?

Why Is Lip Balm So Addictive?

Never leave home without lip balm to soothe your chapped skin? If you find yourself compulsively applying the stuff, you may be addicted to your chapstick!

Don’t Get Burned by the Wrong Sunscreen this Summer

You may be surprised to learn brand names and higher prices do not line up with sunscreen quality. In fact, some may be failing to fully protect your skin.
Skin Care Tips for Winter

Winter Skin Care Tips

As we head into the dryer, colder winter months, it’s time to take your skin care regimen more seriously. Follow these tips...