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Are You Tired or Fatigued? Turns Out, There Is a Difference

It’s only natural to feel tired or bogged down occasionally. However, you still shouldn’t ignore when your body is signaling that you need to slow down or that something is wrong on a deeper level.

Back, Side, or Stomach… What’s the Best Position for Sleep?

Everyone has their preferences for what’s most comfortable—but which position is really best? The answer depends on a few factors...

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

The answer is a little different for everyone, and it varies based on your age. Here’s a look at sleep recommendations for everyone from teens to seniors.

4 Health Benefits of Clean Sheets

If someone asked: “When was the last time you washed your sheets?”—would you be ashamed of the answer? Here are four reasons why you should give your sheets a wash...

Tired Child? How School & Sleep Impact Kids’ Mental Health

Does the new school year have your child moody, unfocused, or down? They could be experiencing sleep deprivation that is damaging their mental and physical health.

Is It Time to Nix the Nightcap?

Does your nighttime routine include pouring a drink before heading off to bed? Turns out that evening scotch or late-night glass of wine could be having profound effects on your sleep and health...

Want to Learn Something New? Sleep on It (Or Sweat on...

When you want to learn a new skill or study for a test, you probably rely on the old methodology of practice makes perfect....

What Happens When You Pull an All Nighter?

Almost everyone has pulled an all nighter at some point in their lives—but what happens to your body when you don’t get the sleep you need and what are the long term effects?

Is it a bad idea to let your dog sleep in...

It seems natural to curl up with your furry friend when the day ends, but you should carefully consider if it's worth it to let Fido sleep in your bed...

Why Do You Wake Up Feeling Tired?

Often battle to get out of bed or feel groggy despite going to sleep every night? Consider the following factors that could be behind your morning fatigue...

Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out?

If you find yourself deciding between hitting the gym or hitting the snooze button, ask yourself these questions to make the right call for your health.

Why Don’t We Sneeze While We Sleep?

Ahchoo! From not sneezing in your sleep to suffering from a sneeze attack, here's everything you've ever wondered about sneezing answered.

Are You Making These Common Sleep Mistakes?

Lack of sleep is associated with a wealth of health problems - so if you have any of the following bad habits, it could be time to rethink the way you sleep.

Sleepless Summers: How to Ensure Quality Sleep When Days Grow...

Unable to sleep due to longer summer days? You may want to try the following tips to help your body get the necessary rest it needs to remain healthy.

The Benefits of Power Napping, According to Science

Napping isn't just for kindergarten classrooms and elderly people. Research continues to reveal a number of health benefits associated with taking an afternoon nap.

Best Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep

Here’s a look at the best and worst food choices before bed to help you get the relaxing, replenishing sleep you need to stay healthy.

Why Is Yawning So Contagious?

Why do we yawn? The center of many a scientific study, researchers have several theories about the science behind this contagious phenomenon.

What’s Happening When You “Jerk” Awake?

We've all been there, you are drifting off when suddenly you jolt awake. Here's why our bodies seem to betray us just as we start to fall into a deep sleep...
What Dreams and Nightmares Reveal About Your Health

What Dreams and Nightmares Reveal About Your Health

Turns out that dream about showing up naked to your final exam might actually provide vital clues about your health.
6 Tips to Feel Energized and Get More Sleep

Tired? 6 Tips to Feel Energized and Get More Sleep

Don’t run yourself ragged! There are simple ways to change your routine and feel more rested and awake. If you could use a pick-me-up, then review these tips for feeling more energized and well rested.