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New Year, New Arkansas (state laws)

The New Year seems to have Arkansas state legislatures re-thinking their restricting telemedicine laws. Arkansas Act 203 makes telemedicine more accessible to patients...

AR Saves Stroke Patients with Telemedicine

Strict on telemedicine Arkansas has recently been making the news for a positive reason - a statewide telemedicine program that focuses on stroke patients.

Arkansas Lagging on the Telehealth Front

While progress has been made in Arkansas regarding telemedicine legislation, barriers still exist and continue to cause a headache for telehealth advocates.

Quick, Virtual Care Continues to Gain Acceptance

In recent weeks, telehealth has seen more acceptance from some previously rigid states regarding telemedicine regulations.

Don’t Mess With Texas…Telemedicine Laws

Telemedicine laws can vary greatly from state to state and have been getting quite a bit of press as of late, and State Medical Boards are taking action.
The Pulse of Telehealth

Risk Management in Telehealth Practice

E-healthcare has emerged as an increasingly appealing tool for supplying medical treatment. However, as with any method of healthcare delivery, telemedicine has its own risks of which providers should be aware.