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13 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Occasional stress and anxiety are normal feelings. However, anxiety that interrupts your daily life is a sign of a bigger problem. If you noticed any of the following signs, it’s time to reach out for help...

Why You Should Check-In on Your Mental Health (Even if You’re...

If you’re like most people, you visit the doctor regularly, see a dentist twice a year for cleanings, and schedule regular eye exams. But what about your mental health?

Finding Work-Life Balance in the Age of Coronavirus

While the early days of the pandemic called for breaking a lot of personal care and parenting rules, it’s now time to shift towards more sustainable habits.

6 Mental Health Tips for Busting Holiday Stress

While there are many different triggers that can impact our holiday experiences, you have the ability to minimize their impact with these strategies.

Emotional Eating: Why We Do It and How to Stop

While you may not be able to avoid stress, boredom, or fatigue, you can better control how you react to these emotional eating triggers...

Coping with Back-to-School Anxiety

As exciting as the back-to-school season can be, it can also drum up lots of anxiety in both kids and parents awaiting the first day of class.

The Powerful Impact of Telebehavioral Health in High-Risk Industries

While mental health is a widespread concern for employers nationwide, some industries are especially at risk for high rates of behavioral health concerns like anxiety, depression, substance misuse and suicide.

Coping with Caregiver Stress

Caregivers frequently report experiencing high levels of stress. It can be overwhelming to take care of a loved one, but too much stress can be harmful to both of you. Read on to learn symptoms and ways to avoid burnout...

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Year

Feeling run-down, frenzied, and overwhelmed? Often-ignored but totally necessary, it's time to take self-care off the back burner and #treatyoself!

Stress-Busting Workouts

Exercise can make you feel good in a variety of ways (we're looking at you endorphins!) and can be a great stress-buster. These three workouts will help you combat even the most stressful day...

Meditating Away Holiday Stress

When you think about meditation, you may have a specific image in mind, but there are actually many different ways to meditate - and many benefits!

What to Do When Your Stress Is Next Level

Here's how you can find healthier alternatives to negative coping mechanisms so you’re better equipped to face daily challenges and avoid stress-induced anxiety and depression...

Here’s What Can Happen if You Walk 30 Minutes Daily

Walking is one of the most versatile, accessible ways to exercise, and it doesn’t take much to pay off with some surprising health benefits...

6 Ways to Bust a Bad Mood Fast

Don't let a case of the grumps get the best of you, arm yourself with these helpful strategies and tips for quickly getting out of a bad mood...

What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?

You're likely familiar with the term "panic attack," but do you know exactly what happens during a panic attack – or what you should to do if one arises?

Leveraging Technology to Work For (Not Against) You

Are you a smartphone junkie? Break free from these common smartphone behaviors – so you can use technology as a tool, rather than becoming a slave to it.

5 Surprising Habits that Damage Your Heart

This American Heart Month take a look at the ways you may be damaging your cardiovascular health on a daily basis without even realizing it...

Could Your Holiday Blues Be Seasonal Depression?

If you are feeling extra stress, anxiety, sadness, or guilt through the holidays, you might consider why you are feeling this way and look seek help.

Keep Calm and Carry On (in Good Health)

Exercise is regarded as an excellent stress-reliever, but new research shows non-physical leisure activities can be an effective stress management tool too.

What Does It Take to Manage Your Mental Health?

Strategies that anyone might use to promote better mental health or seek care when the signs of conditions like depression or anxiety disorder arise.