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Stair Master? This One-Minute Test Could Predict Your Risk of Dying

Even if you hit the gym every day, a quick stair climb might leave you feeling winded. So, it’s not too surprising that stair climbing has proven to be a reliable test for your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Study Reveals Employee Health Issues Cost Employers More Than $500 Billion...

A new study by the Integrated Benefits Institute revealed that unhealthy employees are costing businesses 1.4 billion days of missed work and $530 billion in lost productivity each year.

Can Telehealth Provide Better Outcomes than In-Person Care?

For decades, doctors have over prescribed antibiotics, which has paved the way for a rise in drug-resistant bacteria. So how do we handle over-prescription and antibiotic misuse? Turns out telehealth may hold the key.
Think it's Safe to Text and Walk? Think Again

Think it’s Safe to Text and Walk? Think Again

You may be well aware of the risks of distracted driving, but did you know that pedestrians have a responsibility to ensure their safety...
4 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

4 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

In case you haven't marked it on your calendar, today is National Drink Wine Day! So pour a glass and drink up – you’re likely to experience health benefits like...
How to Find More Focus in The Afternoons

How to Find More Focus in The Afternoons

A recent study reveals that people are more likely to be lazy, cheat, or take shortcuts in the afternoons. Here are a few expert tips for increasing your ability to continue challenging tasks, while enhancing your mood and productivity.
Uncovering The Truth About Antibacterial Soap

Are Antibacterial Suds Really Duds?

It turns out that antibacterial soaps and body washes may not be effective at preventing the spread of germs. In fact, these products may be doing us more harm than good.