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Feeling the Post-Vacation Blues? Here’s What You Can Do to Boost...

Post-vacation depression often sets in as you anticipate going back to your routine and the stresses of daily life

So, When Are We Getting Another COVID Booster?

You may be wondering if you need another booster shot to maintain a higher level of protection from the virus.

4 Tips for Traveling Safely This Summer

To ensure that you limit your exposure to COVID-19, and keep others safe while you travel this summer, follow these tips for fully vaccinated travelers.

4 Foods to Avoid Eating This Summer

During the summer, foods like heirloom tomatoes and fresh corn may all be on the menu. However, there are some foods you'll also want to make sure you avoid...

5 Hydrating Foods to Eat More of This Summer

Watermelon may be the most obvious, but it isn't the only food that can keep dehydration at bay this summer. Try incorporating these other water-packed foods into your meals to help you stay hydrated.

Are You Applying Sunscreen in This Critical Spot?

You probably know that sunscreen is your best defense against skin cancer when you’re spending time in the sun. Unfortunately most people tend to miss this critical area when applying SPF...

Feeling Anxious? Here’s How to Beat the Heat and Summer Anxiety

If you’ve noticed that you tend to be more on-edge when it’s hot outside, it’s not just you. This is a common sensation, because heat leads to stress and agitation. Here’s a look at what you can do to beat the heat and your anxiety as well...

6 Types of Fly Bites You May Get this Summer (And...

From small, itchy bumps to large, unsightly welts the size of a golf ball - we’ll help you learn to identify what kind of fly might have bitten you and offer tips for relief as well as some help preventing fly bites to begin with this summer...

What’s the deal with Nitrates and Nitrites?

Strike - you're out! From baseball games, to backyard cookouts—here's why you should put down the hot dog (and other cured or processed meats).

Meet MeMD: Nancy Gaines-Dillard

Meet MeMD's Nancy Gaines-Dillard, an ANCC board certified Nurse Practitioner with over 22 years of clinical experience. Read on to learn how she became involved in practicing telemedicine and discover her sun-safety tips for this summer!

4 Super Hydrating Foods

Don't enjoy drinking water, but also don't enjoy the idea of being dehydrated? Try adding these four water-rich foods to your diet instead of filling up your water bottle.

Do You Need to See a Doctor for a Sunburn?

All it takes is forgetting to wear sunscreen to wind up with a nasty burn. And when a sunburn becomes so painful, you might wonder if you need to see a doctor...

4 Creative Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer temperatures have begun breaking records across the nation, so it’s essential to have strategies for keeping cool. Try these tricks to beat the heat...

Embrace the Summer Season with Paddle Sports

Kayaking, canoeing, or standing paddle board. You can beat the summer heat and have some fun with these sports, while also getting in a great workout.

Don’t Let Small Pests Cause Big Health Problems

You can keep ticks from ruining your summer by learning how to best prevent contact with these pests and what action to take when you do spot them...

Don’t Let Swimming Make You Sick this Summer

Stay healthy when swimming this summer by following these tips, whether you’re at your local pool, the lake or enjoying a beach vacation...

Barbecue Basics: How to Tell When Your Food Is Cooked

With summer in full swing and Labor Day just around the corner, you probably have at least one backyard barbecue on your schedule. Whether...

Is It Safe to Swim at the Beach this Summer?

When considering potential threats at the beach, you may think about large creatures lurking in the water, but it’s actually bacteria that can do the most damage!

Surviving a Heat Wave: Tips for Handling Extreme High Temperatures

With a wave of extreme temperatures, it is crucial to know how to protect yourself from heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke! Survive the summer with these tips...

Smart Measures for Mosquito Control

While the threat of insect-transmitted diseases like Zika can be scary, there are smart steps you can take to minimizing mosquito breeding, as well as risk.