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No-Cook, Healthy Meals that Won’t Overheat the Kitchen

As summer heats up, the last thing you want to do is stand in a hot kitchen. Here are some ways to keep your cooking minimal on the hottest days of summer.

Sun Smart Awards—Best Gadgets and Gear for Sun Safety

Effortlessly stay safe while you enjoy long days basking in the sun, splashing in the water, and getting active with the best outdoor tech this summer.

How Does Your Birth Month Influence Your Health?

When it comes to your health, being born during a certain time of year can dramatically increase your likelihood of having certain medical conditions and diseases.

Swim Safety Tips

With temperatures rising, the cool depths of your pool may be calling. But before you dive in, read these essential safety tips that everyone should remember.

Pool Games that Burn Calories

Looking for some fun and creative ways to stay active this summer? Consider these calorie-burning swimming pool games that definitely aren’t just for kids.

Healthy Treats for Hot Days

With a little prep work ahead of time, you can stay cool without adding extra inches to your bikini body with these easy yet delicious summertime recipes.

Sleepless Summers: How to Ensure Quality Sleep When Days Grow...

Unable to sleep due to longer summer days? You may want to try the following tips to help your body get the necessary rest it needs to remain healthy.

5 Ways to Add New Life to Your Water

For refreshing summer hydration skip sugary juices and soda and try these methods for incorporating flavor into your water.

4 Fun Vacation Workouts to try this Summer

Exercising while you are on vacation doesn’t have to be a chore. Ditch the hotel fitness center and try these more adventurous forms of exercise instead.

Healthy Vacation Destinations

Looking to take a break from your traditional vacation routine? Consider trying one of these healthier vacation spots as this year’s summer destination...

Staying Safe During Your 4th of July Celebration

Whether you are hosting a party at home or taking your celebration on the road, here are some key safety tips to keep in mind this Independence Day.

Backyard Workouts for the Whole Family

Ditch your gym membership for the summer and take advantage of the great weather with backyard workouts that will help your whole family work up a sweat.

Backyard Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Summer is finally here! If you are planning to enjoy the backyard and pool area, keep these safety tips in mind for yourself and your kids.

How to Host a Healthy Backyard Cookout

Your summer calendar may be filled with backyard cookouts, but attending a BBQ could have you eating 1,500 calories. Avoid the guilt with these healthy strategies.

Don’t Get Burned by the Wrong Sunscreen this Summer

You may be surprised to learn brand names and higher prices do not line up with sunscreen quality. In fact, some may be failing to fully protect your skin.

Healthy Popsicle Recipes to Beat the Heat

Everyone knows there is nothing quite like a frozen popsicle to help you cool down when the it's hot outside! Make your own this summer with these recipes!

Summertime Heat Awareness & Safety

One of the most significant health risks to be aware of this summer is the heat, which you may not think about unless you...

Mosquitoes: Summer Pest or Predator?

While many people fear animals like sharks and bears, the most fatal animal on earth is actually this tiny insect. Malaria, carried by mosquitoes, kills ...
Summer Skin Safety

Health Brief: Summer Skin Safety

Before heading out into the sunshine plan on having a skin safety routine that will keep you protected from the negative effects of sun exposure and pests.
Backyard Summer Fun & Safety

Backyard Summer Fun & Safety

Planning on doing some grilling by the pool this summer? Read on for tips to keep all the swimmers and grillers in your family...