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Are You Applying Sunscreen in This Critical Spot?

You probably know that sunscreen is your best defense against skin cancer when you’re spending time in the sun. Unfortunately most people tend to miss this critical area when applying SPF...

What’s the Real Deal with Vitamin D?

Do you live in the U.S.? There’s a good chance you’re low on vitamin D. Spot early signs of a deficiency and discover reliable sources of the nutrient.

Sun Smart Awards—Best Gadgets and Gear for Sun Safety

Effortlessly stay safe while you enjoy long days basking in the sun, splashing in the water, and getting active with the best outdoor tech this summer.

Quiz: What’s my skin cancer risk?

Take our quick quiz to assess your skin type and cancer risk, then read our analyses for some type-tailored sun safety advice.
Basic sun salutation

Basic Sun Salutation

If you are in search of new ways to get active this summer, you might start practicing yoga to improve your flexibility and strengthen...
Summer Skin Safety

Health Brief: Summer Skin Safety

Before heading out into the sunshine plan on having a skin safety routine that will keep you protected from the negative effects of sun exposure and pests.
Sun safety month

Fun in the Sun Safety Month

As summer starts to heat up, you may be excited for all that comes along with it: barbeques, outdoor sports and time at the...