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Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreens: Which Is Better?

A common question fielded by dermatologists is “What’s the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens?”—and more importantly, which is better?

Are You Applying Sunscreen in This Critical Spot?

You probably know that sunscreen is your best defense against skin cancer when you’re spending time in the sun. Unfortunately most people tend to miss this critical area when applying SPF...

Understanding the Ingredients in Skincare Products

Take a closer look at some red flag ingredients to avoid as you shop for over-the-counter skincare products like sunscreens and anti-aging solutions.

Is Sunscreen Harmful to Your Health?

Common sunscreen myths busted! Make the most of your sunscreen use and feel completely safe under the sun this summer with this guide.

Don’t Get Burned by the Wrong Sunscreen this Summer

You may be surprised to learn brand names and higher prices do not line up with sunscreen quality. In fact, some may be failing to fully protect your skin.