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How Asynchronous Telehealth is Reshaping Care Delivery and Patient Expectations

With the rise of telehealth–especially in light of COVID-19 and the availability of advanced technological modalities–ATH has taken asynchronous care to the next level.

MeMD CEO Bill Goodwin to Discuss Intersection of Healthcare and Technology...

Bill will discuss how MeMD is using technology to meet demand on a grand scale, in addition to other vital telehealth applications outside of the pandemic.

The Critical Role of Objective Patient Data in Telehealth and Beyond

With advances in mobile devices, wearable sensors and A.I., telehealth providers have access to a massive amount of objective patient data, with more coming in the months and years ahead...

From Niche to Necessity: How Telehealth Became Mainstream, and Why It...

What started as a niche industry has morphed into a major player in today’s healthcare delivery system. What are the reasons for this radical change in the role of telehealth in today’s healthcare system? The answer, Unsurprisingly, is multifaceted...

Straight from the Frontlines, MeMD Breaks Down Impact of Healthcare Technologies...

MeMD President and CFO Glenn Dean discusses how technology has affected the spectrum of care delivery in October's issue of In Business. Noting that technology like telehealth has helped medical professionals better detect, diagnose and treat disease, while improving access to care.

Tech Savvy Last Minute Holiday Health Tips

The days before Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter holidays can be some of the most stressful. Keep yourself healthy and sane with these tech-driven tips.

Jumping on the Exercise App Gaming Craze

Over Pokémon Go? To enjoy the same fitness benefits of smartphone-motivated exercise without catching 'em all, try out these apps to help you stay fit.

Fitness Trend: Streaming Workouts from Home

With the availability and affordability of streaming workout programs, all you need is 30 minutes a day and internet to get the exercise your body needs...

Leveraging Technology to Work For (Not Against) You

Are you a smartphone junkie? Break free from these common smartphone behaviors – so you can use technology as a tool, rather than becoming a slave to it.

4 Ways to Improve Your Community’s Health

Start thinking not only about your personal health, but the health of your local community as well, this week is National Public Health Week...

How Your Smartphone Can Keep You Healthy

Improve your family's overall health, wellness and safety with these smartphone features and newly developed health apps that provide crucial medical data.

What Conditions Are Appropriate for Telemedicine? [Infographic]

Patients can request a visit 24/7 to connect with a medical provider to receive diagnosis and treatment. But what ailments are appropriate for telemedicine?

How to Avoid Technology Related Health Issues

In today's tech-savvy world, tech-related health risks associated with prolonged computer or smart phone use are prevalent, here's what you can do to avoid issues.

Are Online Symptom Checkers Accurate? Study Says No.

Symptom checker websites may be a quick and easy alternative to scheduling a doctor's appointment, but there's a much better way to get a diagnosis online.

Playing Video Games and its Impact on Your Health

Playing video games can be a healthy hobby for both children and adults if you understand which games to play and when to play them.

What Are the Best Apps for Travelers?

No matter where you travel in the modern world, you'll never be lost if you have a smartphone or tablet in hand. Here are some of the best apps for travelers.

3 Gadgets to Help Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

Technology can enhance virtually every aspect of your life, including your health! Here are some tech tools that can help keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

Treating ALS with Telemedicine

ALS patients living in rural areas can now connect with physicians using telemedicine, allowing for a unique opportunity to receive uncompromised care.

Which Wearable Activity Trackers Are Actually Worth the Investment?

Activity trackers range from $50 to $200, so they can be quite an investment. Consider these differences when deciding which tracker will fit your needs.

Fine Tune Your “Webside Manner” Before Engaging in Telehealth

"Webside manner" is the new bedside manner - to have a successful patient visit, doctors need to combine their medical knowledge with technology skills.