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Google Glass: Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Technology

Researchers are already assessing Glass’ effectiveness in healthcare settings, and results look promising for both patients and providers.
The Pulse of Telehealth

The Rise of Technology and the Fall of Traditional Medical Devices

Stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and thermometers… some experts predict these tools will no longer be of use to medical providers in the future with the emergence of new medical technologies.
The Pulse of Telehealth

4 New Medical Technologies for 2014

Technology and medicine seem to go hand-in-hand in today’s market. New inventions have made it possible to streamline medical treatments and make healthcare accessible....
The Pulse of Telehealth

The Pulse of Telehealth

As new advances in technology seem to emerge hourly, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern which new “gadgets” are innovative, and which have become...
8 technologies revolutionizing health and fitness | MeMD

8 New Technologies Revolutionizing Health and Fitness [Infographic]

It’s time to change the way we approach healthcare and fitness. According to the Centers for Disease Control, four out of five U.S. adults...