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Meet MeMD: Charles “Rich” Panther

Meet MeMD's Rich Panther, a licensed clinical social worker who focuses on the mental health needs of adults. Find out how he got involved with telehealth and why's it's okay to talk about suicide...

Managing Chronic Disease: The Role of Telebehavioral Health

When you consider the high incidence of depression, anxiety and substance abuse among patients with chronic illness, it’s clear that mental health is a critical factor.

MeMD Whitepaper Explores Burnout Epidemic Among America’s Workforce

Workplace burnout affects a staggering two-thirds of American workers. In a recent whitepaper, we explore the devastating and often little-known impacts that burnout has on a business...

Benefits Roadmap: Why Your Clients Need Telebehavioral Health

Most business owners are keenly aware of the importance of mental health in the workplace. Even if they can’t put a dollar value on...