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Meet MeMD: Chad Snyder

Dr. Snyder, a Licensed Professional Counselor and MeMD’s Clinical Director, offers his insight into self-love for Valentine’s day and what lead him to MeMD!

Meet MeMD: Gregory Grubb

Dr. Grubb has been a MeMD provider for 5 years and has been practicing medicine for over 30! Learn more about him and how he got involved with telemedicine...

Meet MeMD: David Filsoof

Meet Dr. David Filsoof one of MeMD’s board-certified physicians. Learn what game inspired him to become a doctor and take note of his tips for staying well this cold and flu season...

Fall Reminder: Get Your Flu Shots!

The CDC estimates that about 40,000 people die annually from influenza and its related complications in the US, so getting a flu shot can literally be lifesaving...

Meet MeMD: Lara Wiziecki

Dr. Wiziecki is board certified in Emergency Medicine with over 19 years experience. Learn why she got involved with telemedicine and her tips for flu season...

Groundbreaking Telehealth Initiatives for Veterans

A new initiative, Anywhere to Anywhere VA Health Care, would further expand telehealth technology and mobile apps to connect more veterans with providers.

Meet MeMD: Pavel Conovalciuc

Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc is one of MeMD’s board-certified physicians and has been with us for nearly 5 years! Learn more about his journey to telemedicine...

Growing Pains in Telemedicine

As the telehealth industry continues to gain momentum, it has been met with some growing pains, one of the most overlooked being an internet connection...

Meet MeMD: Ginger Krentz

Ginger Krentz is one of MeMD’s board-certified Nurse Practitioners. Let’s get to know her and see what tips she has for staying healthy during summer months...

Telehealth Legislative Update: HEART Act

The Helping Expand Access to Rural Telehealth (HEART) Act aims to improve access to telehealth services in rural areas by expanding Medicare programs.

Telemedicine & Genetic Counseling

Telemedicine seeks to offset America’s genetic counselor shortage by improving access to, and timeliness of, genetic counseling via virtual consultations...

Meet MeMD: Anne Chung

Dr. Anne Chung is a provider on MeMD with over 10 years clinical experience. Let’s get to know her and see what tips she has for us during allergy season...

Telehealth Legislative Update: CHRONIC Care Act of 2017

The newly reintroduced CHRONIC Care Act of 2017 seeks to establish federal standards for telemedicine reimbursement and expand chronic care services...

Telehealth Executives Enthusiastic about Industry Growth

Findings from the American Telemedicine Association’s 2017 Telemedicine Executive Leadership Survey were overwhelmingly reassuring for telehealth advocates.

Telemedicine for Concussion Evaluation

A telemedicine pilot program looks promising for concussion evaluation among athletes who were studied by remote neurologists and onsite caregivers.

Telemedicine to CONNECT Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Care

CONNECT-MS, a new pilot program, will follow MS patients for one year to determine if telemedicine could be beneficial to patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

NATO Completes Development of Telemedicine Kit

The dual-purpose technology seeks to connect both civilian and military first responders to medical specialists across the globe, providing much-needed aid

Addiction Treatment via Telemedicine

The addiction crisis is rampant in the US, so it's remarkable that an area we've only just begun to explore the uses of telemedicine for is drug addiction.

More Consumers Drawn to Telehealth

Two recently published studies conducted by Harris Poll assess American adults' perceptions of telehealth and telemedicine heading into 2017.

The Impact of Telehealth on Cancer Survivors

Cancer survival rates are at an all-time high, and healthcare providers are encouraging patients to play an active role in managing their care using telehealth.