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Telemedicine, Dementia, And Antipsychotics

Nearly 47.5 million people are suffering from dementia and every year there are approximately 7.7 million new cases. Elderly individuals with dementia are often...

School’s Out, Telemed-is-in! [Infographic]

This infographic summarizes the 7 most common summer health concerns and travel medications that you can use to stay healthy this summer while vacationing.

The Appeal of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been used since the late 1960’s, but has gained more mainstream appeal amongst patients and providers within the last 5 years.


A group of six bipartisan senators introduced a bill called the CONNECT Act that attempts to make it easier for Medicare providers to utilize telemedicine.

Health & Refugees – There’s an App for That!

As the healthcare situation gets more dire in Syria, physicians are finding a way to make a difference, and one physician is using telemedicine to do so!

Tis the Season for Telehealth [Infographic]

Hospitals around the country are being strained during this year’s flu season. But, telemedicine is here to help! Check out this infographic to see how...

Telemedicine in Flight

No matter where you are, a doctor can be at your fingertips - even if you happen to be 40,000 feet in the air!

Telemedicine + Pediatrics, The New Kid On the Block

The American Academy of Pediatrics voiced its support for a study which concluded that telehealth is equally effective as in-person care for pediatric cases.

Telemedicine in the New Year [Infographic]

With the ease and accessibility of telemedicine, patient use is quickly increasing. Read more about telehealth projections for 2016 in our infographic...

Telemedicine Knows No Borders

Telemedicine is expected to grow tremendously in the global market, but how are those trends being reflected in our neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada?

Telemedicine, Good News for Sharing Bad News?

A recent study claims delivering “bad news” to patients over the phone could be a better option than in the traditional setting of an in-person office visit.

Telemedicine Trends Globally

Globally the telemedicine market is expected to reach a value of $27 billion in 2016 with an annual growth rate of 18.5%. Countries factoring into that growth include...

The Role of Telemedicine in Patient Engagement

Engaging patients in their well-being is one of the most important steps in preventing medication noncompliance, but it can also be the most difficult.

Telemedicine’s Role in Diabetes Management

A reported 29.1 million people in the U.S. have diabetes - telehealth interventions such as virtual visits, could prevent further complications from the disease.

Telemedicine in Prenatal Care, a Newborn Solution

For disadvantaged women living in rural areas, one way to address the issue of infant mortality would be through the application of telemedicine...

What Conditions Are Appropriate for Telemedicine? [Infographic]

Patients can request a visit 24/7 to connect with a medical provider to receive diagnosis and treatment. But what ailments are appropriate for telemedicine?

Telemedicine Practitioners as First-Responders

Considering upwards of 75% of 911 calls are medical in nature, a significant amount of time and money could be saved by implementing a telemedicine model.

Lifestyle Medications and Telemedicine [Infographic]

Is it ever appropriate to prescribe lifestyle medications via telemedicine? Check out this infographic that illustrates what can be prescribed via telemedicine.

A Study in Telemedicine

A patient presents to your virtual clinic with sore throat and a picture showing mild bilateral tonsillar exudate - what happens next? View the case study...

Telemedicine’s Big Break

Medicine has entered a new age and the world is noticing - even the political world. Telemedicine received its first mention from a presidential hopeful.