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Caring for Your Mental Health During COVID-19

It’s natural to feel stress and anxiety related to Coronavirus. However, managing stress and caring for your mental health are among the best actions you can currently take.

How Employers Can Improve Profitability Through a Combination of Telebehavioral Health...

Telebehavioral health overcomes barriers of traditional in-person care and enables employees to get mental health care in a matter of days – vs. weeks or months...

Telemedicine Answers the Refugee Call for Help

Telemedicine helps overcome geographic and resource barriers to allow refugees access to quality healthcare they otherwise would not be able to receive.

The Road to Recovery: Telemedicine and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a complex, multi-faceted issue that requires a response that is adaptive and innovative - telepsychiatry consults could be a piece of the solution.

Improving Mental Health Access in Rural Settings

Patients in remote and rural areas with little to no access to mental health services can benefit from telemedicine services that make providers and care more accessible.

Telepsychiatry in the Prison System [Infographic]

Telepsychiatry is a way for prisons to reduce the cost of providing medical care to inmates, while also increasing the safety and quality of care delivered.