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Is It Possible to Safely Host Holiday Gatherings During COVID-19?

After several months of quarantine and social distancing, it may feel like an eternity since you’ve seen many of your loved ones....

Practicing Mindfulness at the Thanksgiving Table

Nobody wants to have to say no to all their favorite dishes at the Thanksgiving table. So how can you manage the day without compromising all indulgence? The answer is through mindfulness.

Rethink That Post-Thanksgiving Detox

Planning a juice cleanse? Think again! Here's how detoxing can potentially harm you, along with some healthier alternatives to switching to a liquid diet...

Don’t Let Food Safety Mishaps Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Make food safety a priority this Thanksgiving so no one leaves with more than a full belly and leftovers at the end of the evening.

How to Make Yourself a Healthier Thanksgiving Plate

Whether you are following a specific diet or simply trying not to gain weight during the holiday season, keep your plate on the slimmer side with these tips...

Exercise Equivalents for Thanksgiving Dinner

On the high end of estimates, Thanksgiving dinner can total about 4,500 calories! In exercise terms that can mean a whole lot of burpees and crunches...

4 Surprising Thanksgiving Injuries You Might Suffer

Thanksgiving has one of the highest holiday injury rates, and the problem is usually worsened because many people neglect to head to the ER or urgent care.

How to Have a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that holidays are high-stress events—especially for the family members who host Thanksgiving dinner. Stay calm this year with these tips!

Ways to Work Off that Thanksgiving Dinner

You might think twice before lounging all day and then eating such a large meal. Here are a few ways you stay active on one of the laziest days of the year.

Does Eating Turkey Actually Make You Sleepy?

Tryptophan is an amino acid found in turkey that gets a reputation around Thanksgiving for making people tired - but does it actually cause exhaustion?
The Surprising Health Benefits of Giving Thanks

The Surprising Health Benefits of Giving Thanks

Taking time to give thanks for the people and gifts in your life can actually have a positive impact on your health. Here are a few ways that the act of giving thanks may promote health and well-being.
5 Tips for A Healthier Thanksgiving Meal

5 Tips for A Healthier Thanksgiving Meal

There are ways to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal while keeping consumption, calories, and extra pounds in check.