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3 Benefits of Compression Socks

You may be surprised at just how many health benefits there are with compression socks, which can be worn by people of all ages.
best online doctor visit

5 Tips for Having Your Best Online Doctor’s Visit

If you haven’t had an online doctor’s visit before, review these five telehealth tips to make the most of your upcoming virtual appointment.

4 Psychological Tricks to Help You Stick with Your Resolutions

Ready to make 2021 the year your new year's resolution sticks? Try these helpful tricks to keep yourself focused and dedicated to positive changes.

Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Fitness Equipment

While you might always make a point to wipe down shared equipment at a public gym, you may not think much about cleaning your fitness equipment at home. Follow these tips to keep things clean...

Sneaky Ways to Work Out When You’re Short on Time

There are tons of different ways to engage your muscles and increase your heart rate, and many of them can be incorporated into activities you do already...

6 Ways to Bust a Bad Mood Fast

Don't let a case of the grumps get the best of you, arm yourself with these helpful strategies and tips for quickly getting out of a bad mood...

How to Have a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you're more excited for the game or the commercials, ensure your Super Bowl party guests have fun while staying healthy and safe with these tips.

Survival Tips for Holiday Eating

If holiday weight gain is a common pattern in your life, it may be time to change your strategy for holiday eating before it impacts your waistline.

Tips for Quitting Smoking

Statistics suggest that up to 70% of smokers would love to quit. Take charge of your health and stop smoking for good. Use these tips ensure your success...

Post-Workout Dos and Don’ts

Exercise is essential, but it’s not enough to simply put in your time at the gym. Here are some critical dos and don’ts that can make or break your workout.

Out of Pocket – Out of Control: How to Manage...

Americans have greater access to healthcare than ever before, but also greater costs. Follow these tips to get the most from your health care dollars.

9 Time-Saving Modern Health Hacks [Infographic]

From feeling better faster with online doctor visits to knowing the perfect time to drink your coffee, check out these nine time-saving health hacks you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

We Should All ____ Like Rabbits!

Want to try a vegan diet for your overall health? Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy immune system when going vegan and living la vida lechuga!

Sleepless Summers: How to Ensure Quality Sleep When Days Grow...

Unable to sleep due to longer summer days? You may want to try the following tips to help your body get the necessary rest it needs to remain healthy.

Important Questions You Should Be Asking Your Doctor

Here are some of the most essential questions you should bring up during any doctor visit to ensure that you are getting the most value for your visit.

What Can You Do to Minimize Suffering from Seasonal Allergies?

If you dread the arrival of spring because you know allergies will come with it, try out these five strategies to keep your symptoms to a minimum.

Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Health Every Day

Here’s a look at some surprising and seemingly backwards ways to boost your health without much effort.

Healthy Eating Resolutions for the New Year

Healthy eating doesn't have to leave you feeling deprived. Small changes can make a big difference and help you achieve your better eating resolutions.

How to Make Healthy Choices in the Cafeteria

With a few simple changes, you can make your work or school day much healthier. Better nutrition begins with small steps, so start using these easy tips!

Exercise Outdoors This Spring Without Suffering Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

To minimize your allergy symptoms while enjoying the beautiful weather of spring, use these helpful workout tips.