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Is It OK to Fly with a Sinus Infection?

If you’re planning on air travel, you might wonder if a sinus infection will sidetrack your plans...

4 Tips for Traveling Safely This Summer

To ensure that you limit your exposure to COVID-19, and keep others safe while you travel this summer, follow these tips for fully vaccinated travelers.

How to Tell Your Family You Won’t Be Home for the...

Planning on telling your family that you won’t be celebrating with them in person this year? Follow our guidelines to help you get through this tough conversation.

What You Should Know About Travel Health Advisories

If you're headed to Rio for the Olympics or you're planning an exotic vacation, here's what you should know about travel health advisories before taking off.

Telemedicine in Flight

No matter where you are, a doctor can be at your fingertips - even if you happen to be 40,000 feet in the air!

The Zika Virus: 4 Things You Need to Know

The challenges from mosquito-borne illnesses seem never-ending. Amid rising fears of the Zika virus, concerned public-health officials in Latin American and Caribbean countries have...

Get Inspired for Fit Travel in the New Year

Wellness vacations have become much more common around the world, so it's not hard to plan a fun and fitness-friendly trip no matter where you want to go!

Travel-Friendly Workout Tips to Take with You

While it may not be practical to go all out with your exercise routine as you travel, you can stay in shape with a few simple tips for working out anywhere.

What Are the Best Apps for Travelers?

No matter where you travel in the modern world, you'll never be lost if you have a smartphone or tablet in hand. Here are some of the best apps for travelers.

Why Do Our Ears Pop When Flying on Airplanes?

You've probably experienced the characteristic pop that relieves pressure in your ears while flying - but do you know how and why this needs to happen?

What Are the Best Foods for an Auto Emergency Kit?

When you pack a car kit for roadside emergencies, include these staples to make sure that you have plenty to eat and drink while you wait for help.

Healthy Vacation Destinations

Looking to take a break from your traditional vacation routine? Consider trying one of these healthier vacation spots as this year’s summer destination...
Get Out of Town: Travel is Good for Your Heart

Get Out of Town: Travel is Good for Your Heart

You may think that the benefits of travel are the memories you create or the experiences you have while on your journey. However new...
4 Holiday Healthy Travel Tips

4 Travel Tips for Happy Healthy Holidays

Many people experience stress during holiday trips, and their health may suffer as a result of over-eating and lack of sleep or exercise. To enjoy your holidays and maintain your health, here are our top four winter travel tips
Sick traveler survival guide

Health Brief: What to Do When You Get Sick on Vacation

After planning a vacation and finally arriving at your destination, getting sick may sound like a nightmare. Still, there is the possibility that you...
Easy Moves to Keep You Active on a Long Trek

Easy Moves to Keep You Active on a Long Trek

If your summer vacation has you taking a long trip by car, plane, or train, you might be dreading the stiffness and exhaustion that...
Maintain a Nutritious Diet While You Travel

4 Tricks for Maintaining a Nutritious Diet While You Travel

When you pair the stress of traveling with the free spirited attitude of vacation, it is easy to get carried away and abandon your...

Healthy Eats: Easy Travel Meals

Plane, Train or Automobile – no matter how you are traveling this summer, with a little creativity you can eat well (and healthily!) while...
Travel Health Tips

Health Brief: Travel Health Tips

For those of us fortunate enough to spend time on vacation this season with family and friends, we have to remember not to take...
Vacation workouts

Vacation Workouts

Traveling can crush your normal workout routine – but only if you let it! There are numerous ways that you can sneak in a...