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2020 Diet Trends

From programs that work, to those you should avoid — here's a closer look at the food and diet trends to watch in 2020.

What Science Says About the Food Combining Trend

Food combining is one trending myth that isn’t substantiated by basic biology, but it continues to grow in popularity. Here's why it doesn’t work...

2019 Fitness Trends

2019 is an interesting year for fitness trends, because it is trendy just to be fit. There’s a growing pattern of inclusion and accessibility in popular exercise activities, meaning that it’s the time for anyone and everyone to participate.

Healthy Food Trends for 2016

It may be early in the year – but 2016 already has a number of healthy dieting trends that could actually make a big difference in the way you eat...

2016’s Fitness Fads

If your New Year’s resolution revolves around fitness, you might look into some of the following trends that will be big in 2016.

5 Food Trends that Will Change Your Diet for the Better...

2015’s food trend outlook is promising for those of us wanting to eat healthier - here's a look at some of the foods you might spot on this year's menu...