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Why Enterprises Need an Internal Telehealth Champion

From boosting utilization and satisfaction to saving money and time, an internal telehealth champ may be the key to maximizing the benefits of virtual care.

Employee Benefit News Calls on Elie Goodman to Share Tips on...

MeMD Vice President of Marketing Elie Goodman shares advice with Employee Benefit News on how to increase employees’ telehealth utilization...

How to Get Your Employees on Board with Telehealth

The benefits of telehealth services are plentiful and proven. Get your employees on board – and help them reap the benefits of 24/7 access with these 6 tips...

Telehealth Leader MeMD Surpasses Industry Standard for Employer-Based Utilization of Telemedicine

Usage of MeMD’s employer-based telemedicine model was more than double industry standards in the first quarter.