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Can You Get a Flu Shot and the COVID-19 Vaccine at...

The short answer is yes, you can get both shots at once without compromising the protection you get from either one. However, there are a few considerations...

How to Navigate Asking a Friend if They Are Vaccinated

As COVID-19 restrictions lift, you may encounter a new situation that’s tricky to navigate: How do you politely ask a friend, relative, or coworker if they are vaccinated?

Unvaccinated? Here Are 3 Things You Should Do as Mask Mandates...

If you or your child is still unvaccinated, there are some precautions to keep in mind until COVID-19 is no longer circulating widely in the U.S.

4 Tips for Traveling Safely This Summer

To ensure that you limit your exposure to COVID-19, and keep others safe while you travel this summer, follow these tips for fully vaccinated travelers.

Why Do We Need Booster Shots?

Have you ever wondered why we need a yearly flu shot or another a tetanus shot? In general, booster shots are a common way to jolt your immune system's memory and keep you from getting sick.

CDC Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated People

We’re not out of the woods yet, however, as more people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 there are some measures you can lighten up on once you’ve gotten your shots.

When Can I Expect to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine (and How...

The COVID-19 vaccine could signal an end to the pandemic, but the vaccine (and the disease it aims to prevent) are still new. Below are answers to commonly asked questions.

Fall Reminder: Get Your Flu Shots!

The CDC estimates that about 40,000 people die annually from influenza and its related complications in the US, so getting a flu shot can literally be lifesaving...

Back to School Immunization: Give It a Shot

This back-to-school season, a checkup with the pediatrician to stay up-to-date with your child’s immunizations should be at the top of your to do list...

FluMist to Be Phased Out This Flu Season

FluMist is no longer cutting it as an effective flu vaccination, so what can you do to help your child better tolerate a flu shot? Here are some tips...

Vaccines Aren’t Just for Kids

No one likes getting shots, but it's important to know that vaccines aren't just for kids. Adults need to be immunized with at least one shot every year...

When Should You Get Screened?

Taking a preventive approach to managing your health can be beneficial. Take a closer look at your screening needs and recommended vaccines depending on age.

Is a Universal Flu Vaccine on the Horizon?

Groundbreaking research may pave the way to a universal, single-use vaccine that can protect against a wider range of flu strains.

What You Need to Know about the Measles Outbreak

Currently the United States is facing a widespread measles outbreak, which has 100 confirmed cases. Here is what you should know about this disease...