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Are You Tired or Fatigued? Turns Out, There Is a Difference

It’s only natural to feel tired or bogged down occasionally. However, you still shouldn’t ignore when your body is signaling that you need to slow down or that something is wrong on a deeper level.

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Year

Feeling run-down, frenzied, and overwhelmed? Often-ignored but totally necessary, it's time to take self-care off the back burner and #treatyoself!

Start the Summer with a Sunny, Body-Positive Outlook

Gearing up for swimsuit season by reading up on the latest crash diets and beach body exercises? Here's why you should shifting your focus to improving your body image...
The Surprising Health Benefits of Giving Thanks

The Surprising Health Benefits of Giving Thanks

Taking time to give thanks for the people and gifts in your life can actually have a positive impact on your health. Here are a few ways that the act of giving thanks may promote health and well-being.