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Meet MeMD: Elizabeth Hernandez

Meet Elizabeth Hernandez - one of MeMD’s board-certified NPs. Below she discusses how telemedicine has impacted her perspective as a provider and how to combat winter skin problems.

Self-Care Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

Follow these five self-care tips to get through the holiday season with your physical health and, perhaps more importantly, your mental health intact.

4 Root Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Winter

Get back to eating healthier this winter while getting a huge nutritional boost by eating these root veggies, all healthier alternatives to potatoes!

Brave the Cold—You’ll Burn More Calories

When it's cold out all you want to do is curl up in a blanket, but by doing the exact opposite and braving the cold for a workout, you can burn way more calories than you would in more temperate weather.

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Cleverly known as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, may be behind your winter doldrums - and should be taken as seriously as any other type of depression.

Tech Savvy Last Minute Holiday Health Tips

The days before Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter holidays can be some of the most stressful. Keep yourself healthy and sane with these tech-driven tips.

3 Reasons to Exercise Outside this Winter

If you feel your motivation to work out diminishing as the temperature drops, you should consider all the ways winter exercise can offer something extra.

Healthy Hot Drinks for Cold Weather

Seeking warm comfort in a mug that won’t load you up with sugar, fat, and excess calories? Try some of these healthier hot beverages options this winter.

Feel Better this Holiday/Flu Season

Cold symptoms are common this time of year, and can keep us - and our wallets - from enjoying the holidays. Luckily, telehealth services may offer a cure.

How Does the Changing Season Affect Your Health?

You may know that winter is the harbinger of flu season, but you might not realize that cold, stormy weather can also take the following effects on your body...

Why Are You More Likely to Have a Heart Attack in...

Higher death rates are consistently observed in the winter, and many of these deaths are attributable to cardiovascular disease. But why is this the case?

Could Your Holiday Blues Be Seasonal Depression?

If you are feeling extra stress, anxiety, sadness, or guilt through the holidays, you might consider why you are feeling this way and look seek help.

How Does Your Birth Month Influence Your Health?

When it comes to your health, being born during a certain time of year can dramatically increase your likelihood of having certain medical conditions and diseases.

MeMD Brings the Doctor to You

19 Action News checked out MeMD using an iPad and discovered that heading to the doctor's office for your routine illness may not be necessary.

Top Calorie Burners to Include in Your At-Home Workout

Cold winter weather keeping you indoors? These simple at-home workouts can help you burn serious calories and stay fit when you can’t make it to the gym.

5 Big Holiday Health Myths Exposed

If you are being fooled by these common holiday health myths, you may be faced with even more hurdles managing your health this season.
Health Tips For When Cold Weather Becomes Dangerous

Health Tips For When Cold Weather Becomes Dangerous

Extremely cold temperatures are very serious and exposure to negative wind chills can quickly turn life threatening.
Skin Care Tips for Winter

Winter Skin Care Tips

As we head into the dryer, colder winter months, it’s time to take your skin care regimen more seriously. Follow these tips...
True or False? Leaving the house with wet hair can make you sick.

Fact vs. Fiction: 4 Cold Weather Health Myths Exposed

Brrr! Don’t let colder temperatures cloud your thinking. Are you guilty of buying into winter health myths? Explore the truth behind four common old wives’ tales.
avoid these holiday health hazards

4 Holiday Health Hazards

Check out these top holiday health risks and what you can do to avoid them. Deep Fried Turkeys We have to admit, this sounds like it...