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Daily Affirmations for Workplace Mindfulness

Positive affirmations can reset your mental state and reduce your negative mindset, allowing you to get more done in your day and improve your professional and personal relationships.

How to Educate Your Employees About Telehealth – During and After...

Here are a few ways businesses can boost telehealth utilization rates – now and later – to improve the wellbeing of their workforces during COVID-19.

Why Your Company Needs Teen Teletherapy Benefits

Today’s parents are right to worry about their kids' mental health – and it’s no surprise their focus at work is split between their job responsibilities and their children’s wellbeing.

Symptom vs. Cause: The Importance of Root Cause Analysis in...

Americans are self-medicating or depending heavily on prescribed drugs in order to feel better. But treating the symptoms instead of dealing with underlying mental and emotional issues is making matters worse...

Telehealth Utilization in the Workplace

Telemedicine services are gaining rapid popularity with employers looking to optimize the throughput of their workforce by offering the health benefit.

Why Do Women Get Colder Than Men?

Keep a space heater by your desk? Here's scientific proof that women really do get colder than men. It might just help your case to raise the thermostat...

Is Your Office Environment Harming Your Health?

This job is killing me! Ever said this after a long workday? Turns out the statement might not be far off. Office life can have many ill effects on your health.