The days just before Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays can be some of the most stressful of the season, especially if you find yourself suffering from the flu or recovering from a holiday decorating injury. As you tie up loose ends and complete all your last minute shopping, decorating, and entertaining, try out some of these tech-driven holiday stress reducers to keep yourself healthy and sane this season.

Finish last-minute shopping online

While online shopping used to require some planning ahead, you can get 2-day or even same-day shipping on many items, allowing you to avoid the crowds at local shopping malls. Staying home for your shopping not only lets you focus on other errands and stay out of traffic, but it will reduce your exposure to the flu and other winter illnesses that might dampen your holiday spirit.

Skip hanging lights this year

If you haven’t hung lights but you still want to spruce up your home with some decorative flair, you can use some modern gadgets to get the job done without ever climbing a ladder or hanging a string of lights. With special bulbs in your outdoor lighting fixtures, you can change the color scheme to a holiday theme with your smartphone, or you can use a light projector to shower your home in lights without the hassle of hanging them.

Shop outside of peak hours

When you do need to go out to a store for gifts or groceries, it may be helpful to steer clear of crowds by shopping during non-peak hours. If you Google a specific location before heading out, you can see how busy it typically is at any given time of day and get live updates to gauge how many people are currently there.

Let someone else drive

Ridesharing apps have become commonplace in most cities, and they can allow you to skip the stress of driving yourself – or finding a parking spot – when holiday traffic is at its worst. Alternatively, you might explore grocery or meal delivery services to stay out of the supermarket when everyone else is fighting the lines to shop for holiday meal ingredients.

Seek medical care on-demand

When you need medical attention for yourself or out-of-town guests, technology can come to the rescue once again thanks to telehealth services like MeMD. On those late holiday nights or during an unexpected bout of flu, medical providers are on-call to offer remote exams so that you don’t even have to leave the house for the medical care you need. You can receive a personalized care plan for common health issues and even a prescription when medically necessary.


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