Telemedicine company MeMD will continue its successful education blog, The Pulse of Telehealth, which discusses industry growth, awareness, and the benefits of telehealth.
The Pulse of Telehealth
MeMD, a leading telemedicine provider, has announced the continuation of its educational blog series, The Pulse of Telehealth. The weekly blog, which covers a range of telehealth topics and benefits for medical providers, has helped educate and bring awareness to the growing industries of telehealth and telemedicine.

“This blog series is geared towards educating medical providers about the benefits of telehealth,” says Devon Lathrop, Clinical Operations Manager for MeMD and author of the blog series. “There are so many topics within telehealth that most people are unaware of, so my aim is to address these and explain them.”

Topics which have been covered thus far include: how the demand for convenience in healthcare is growing, how clinics can increase their treatment radius by adopting a telemedicine model, recent legislation that is affecting telehealth, and other frequently asked questions. Upcoming topics will align with new services provided by MeMD, and the series will continue to evolve as telehealth exponentially grows and becomes more widespread.

“These posts are helpful to anyone who is curious about how telehealth can be used in a variety of healthcare settings. So far I’ve addressed the convenience and accessibility aspects of telehealth, risk management, health system partnerships, and recently completed an infographic that details pediatric applications, a platform that MeMD will be launching in the spring,” adds Lathrop.

Since the launch of the blog series in October 2013, MeMD has seen tremendous success in the adoption of telemedicine by providers, which has allowed for an expansion of its nationwide coverage. In recent months, the MeMD provider network has grown more than 50%, leading to a 14 state increase in the availability of MeMD nationwide.

As more providers realize how effective telemedicine can be to treat low acuity conditions, the adoption of telehealth services will become commonplace. To keep up with new developments in the telehealth industry, visit The Pulse of Telehealth on the MeMD Blog. To learn more about The Pulse of Telehealth, contact Devon Lathrop at (480) 339-5065 or dlathrop(at)

About MeMD

Leading telehealth service provider MeMD is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. MeMD is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering access to affordable, convenient, and secure web-based healthcare. MeMD combines proven telemedicine technologies with business model innovations to improve access to medical providers, reduce healthcare costs, and make the experience of seeing a physician convenient, enjoyable, and affordable – the way it should be. For more information visit

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