Both asthma and allergies can be cumbersome conditions that may keep you from enjoying the activities you want to do. Unfortunately, allergies and asthma are both without a cure, so the best that can be done is management of symptoms to reduce asthma and allergy attacks and other severe reactions. If typical allergy remedies, such as allergy shots and oral medications, have not offered relief for your symptoms, you might turn to alternative treatments through homeopathic and alternative medicine practitioners. Though alternative medicine can have success in some areas of treatment, it should never be considered as the only route of care, especially without the diagnosis and recommendation of a physician. As you explore your treatment options for asthma, allergies, or other common respiratory conditions, consider the following steps essential for your access to safe, effective treatment.

Always seek a diagnosis from a qualified physician

A growing number of naturopaths offering asthma and allergy treatments, which may range from the use of acupuncture to mineral oil supplements to chiropractic care. However, many of these practitioners are not qualified to accurately diagnose asthma or various types of allergies, yet alone treat these conditions. Before seeking any type of medical care—alternative or conventional—be sure to consult your primary care physician or an allergist for a diagnosis of your condition. A thorough and accurate diagnosis will point to the most reliable treatment options and prevent treatment of conditions that you may not even have.

Investigate treatment claims

You should always be wary of alternative medical care, because treatments are not as regulated as those offered by certified physicians. Studies have shown that of the wide range of treatments touted for allergy and asthma relief by homeopathic and naturopathic practitioners, only a small handful are effective, and some might even be dangerous. To know if the treatment you are considering is safe and effective, take a few minutes to do a simple online search for any research or published works from medical authorities on the treatment.

Stick to your doctor’s opinion

When you’re in doubt about your care, turn to your doctor to discuss your full range of treatment options. Not only will your doctor advise you on the safest treatment modalities, but he or she will have insight to your overall health that will guide treatment decisions.

If you don’t have a primary care physician or you’re simply looking for a second opinion without waiting months for an appointment with a new doctor, you can trust MeMD as your partner in medical care. We pair patients with board certified medical providers through easily accessible, affordable web exams where you can receive reliable medical advice, prescription medications, and trustworthy opinions on alternative medical treatments.


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